Double Lantern Hanging Candle Holder With Stand (Size- 15 X 25 X 45 Cm) Wooden

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Description : The Metal Candle Stand Lantern is inspired by the haunting beauty of traditional metal work lamps.This free-standing miniature version of the two lanterns casts an ever-changing dance of light and shadow wherever it is placed. You will definitely fall in love with this candle holder for its lovely tribal art. This is made of iron and comes in an alluring green, pink and red color too. This will be a show stealer in any living room for sure! This is often treated as a memorable gift for your adorable ones who really love traditional beauty.

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Model Number : APPB141114
Color : Multicolor
Width : xxx
Height : xxx
Weight : xxxxxxxxxxx
Package Contents: 1 Piece
Return Policy : Not applicable
Usages : It can be used for living Room, Home décor and for Gifting purposes. – Created By An
Experienced Artist.


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